Z-2001 semi-automatic filling machine is a device used for filling aerosol containers with liquid (active substance).

The amount of the dosed product is adjusted in the range of 5 ÷ 510 ml (for product cylinder ø50 mm) with tolerance up to ± 0.5 ml.

The machine may be placed in the processing line for filling aerosol cans as a semi-automatic on-table model with manual control by an operator or as a self-acting unit in an Automatic Rotation Module.

Where necessary, the machine can be provided in GMP suitable design with all steel elements that are in direct contact with product made from AISI 316L and all gaskets made from pharmacy/food approved materials.

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Working parameters
Operational parameters
Production capacity:
1800 pcs/h (30 pcs/min) for 100 ml dose; 900 pcs/h (15 pcs/min) for 200 ml dose; 600 pcs/h (10 pcs/min) for 500 ml dose; Max capacity depends on product dose, production organization and operator’s experience.
Dosing tolerance:
± 0.5 ml for 100 ml dose; ± 0.7 ml for 200 ml dose; ± 1.0 ml for 500 ml dose;
Containers diameter:
ø35 mm ÷ ø66 mm
Containers height:
65 mm ÷ 320 mm
Overall dimensions and weight
400 mm
415 mm
940 mm (max 1175 mm)
57 kg
Type of supply:
Compressed air
Air supply pressure:
0,8 ÷ 1,0 MPa (8 ÷ 10 bar)
Air consumption:
4.4 liters/cycle
Air supply connection:
Pneumatic quick release coupling, RECTUS 26 series (DN 7.2) male plug installed in machine
Quality of compressed air:
4th class according to ISO 8573-1 for temperature range 15 ÷ 35°C
Product supply pressure:
Depending on density and consistence of product
Product connection:
External thread G½” BSP installed on machine
Product supply hose:
Minimal required internal diameter ø12 mm, pressure resistance adequate to product supply pressure