Z-2002 Semi-automatic Crimping Machine is a device intended for performing a tight and reliable crimp of aerosol valves on aerosol containers.

The device can handle all types of 1” (25.4 mm) aerosol valves made from tinplate or aluminum sheet which are in compliance with EN 14848 (FEA 202 standard) and aerosol containers of diameters range ø35 – ø66 mm made from tinplate and aluminum sheet compliant with EN 14847 (FEA 201 standard), EN 15006, EN 15008 (FEA 220 standard), EN ISO 90-3 (FEA 101 standard), FEA 203 standard.

The machine may be placed in the processing line for filling aerosol cans as a semi-automatic on-table model with manual control or as a self-acting unit in an Automatic Rotary Module.

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Working parameters
Operational parameters
Production capacity:
~600 - 1800 pcs/h (10 - 30 pcs/min). The maximum capacity is dependent on work organization in the process line and operator’s experience.
Containers diameter:
ø35 mm ÷ ø66 mm
Containers height:
60 mm ÷ 320 mm
Overall dimensions and weight
400 mm
420 mm
815 mm
55 kg
Type of supply:
Compressed air
Required supply pressure:
0,8 ÷ 1,0 MPa (8 ÷ 10 bar)
Air consumption:
2.4 liters/cycle
Quality of compressed air:
4th class according to ISO 8573-1 for temperature range 15 ÷ 35°C
Air supply connection:
Pneumatic quick release coupling, RECTUS 26 series (DN 7.2) male plug installed in machine