The gas house is a portable structure made in compliance with the most stringent safety standards and is intended to install a gas filling unit inside.

The gas house is equipped with an extensive ventilation system which ensures multiple exchange of complete volume of air in the gas house per minute and a central heating system with a heat exchanger which supplies hot air to the unit.

Cut off valves and gas sensors guarantee safety of operation. Multi-stage warning system and monitoring system enable prompt reaction to possible dangers.

The entrance door is equipped with a protection against opening during operation of the unit. When activated, the protection stops operation of the complete line. Possible disturbance in the air exchange cycle are prevented in this way.

The complete structure is encased with corrugated sheet metal while all ventilation channels are made of stainless steel. The gas house has a light-weight roof structure made of plastic. Working cycle can be monitored by operators by means of a system with a camera in Ex enclosure and a monitor located in the production hall.

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Working parameters
Overall dimensions and mass
3390 mm (with ventilation system)
3030 mm
3000 mm (without ventilation pipes)
~3000 kg
Type of supply:
Electric and pneumatic (depending on ventilation systems, heating systems used and configuration of gas filling module)
Supply pressure:
As for gas filling module
Air consumption:
As for gas filling module
Air consumption:
2,2 kW
GAS HOUSE TYPE Z-7001 - Zigler