Semi-automatic Vacuum Crimping Machine Z-2132 is a device used for a tight and reliable crimp of MDI valves on mini-spray aerosol containers after removing the air from the can.

Vacuum value can be adjusted as required. The machine is supplied with compressed air. Cans are placed at the unit by hand.

An adjustable stand allows to crimp different sizes of cans. The machine is operated with use of double hand Start button which improves safety of use. The unit has built-in vacuum generator, therefore there is no need to use of any additional systems (vacuum pumps).

Thanks to exchangeable crimping tongs device is able to operate with various container and valve diameters. Reliable connection of valve with container is conducted by crown-shaped crimp on valve flange.

Crimping height and depth are accurately set, which contributes toward production safety and good quality of the aerosol product. Machine is manufactured in conformity with pharmaceutical industry standard and by design is intended to be used in class C cleanrooms.

Machine is compliant with:

  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive;
  • 2014/34/EU ATEX Directive (Ex II 3G IIC T4 2°C≤Ta≤50°C);
  • FDA requirements regarding materials for constructing parts that come in contact with product.

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Working parameters
Working parameters
Production capacity:
Up to 600 pcs/h (10 pcs/min). Max capacity depends on process organization and operator’s experience
Supported valves:
Depending on installed crimping tongs
Cans diameter:
ø22 mm – ø35 mm
Supported cans height:
40 mm – 100 mm
Dimensions and weight
610 mm
645 mm
865 mm
~ 130 kg
Compressed air supply
Required supply pressure:
0,8 ÷ 1,0 MPa (8 ÷ 10 bar)
Air consumption:
5.6 liters/cycle
Air supply connection:
Pneumatic push-in fitting ø12 mm
Compressed air quality:
CLASS IV according to ISO 8573-1 for 15 ÷ 35°C