Aerosol Test Bath is intended to be used for improvement of aerosol products quality and safety rules of its usage by helping to identify a leaking aerosol cans in course of production cycle.

According to accepted standards, testing proceeds by bathing filled and closed aerosol containers in water at 55⁰C for about 3 minutes.

Containers are being transported through a tank filled with hot water by means of driving wheel and a chain with clips for holding the attached containers. Speed of attaching/detaching is smoothly regulated and allows to adapt Test Bath to the capacity of entire line.

Total capacity (assuming that bath will last 3 min) comes to about 120 containers per minute. Test Bath has been also equipped with pneumatic drying system for containers.

Main tasks of the device:

  • Product stability tests under varying temperature conditions;
  • Estimating shelf life;
  • Endurance testing of packaging.

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Working parameters
Working parameters
Production capacity:
120 pcs./min
Containers diameter:
ø22 – ø66 mm (depending on installed grippers)
Containers height:
80 – 320 mm
Valves type handled:
Standard aerosol 1” valve
Duration of test bath:
180 s
Water temperature:
Leakage detection (optional):
Infrared or catalytic gas detectors
Overall dimensions and mass
1888 mm
6267 mm
1750 mm
~1995 kg
Power supply
Type of power supply:
Electrical and pneumatic
Electrical supply:
3x400 VAC 50 Hz; 3.55 kW
External control:
24V DC
Air supply pressure:
8 – 10 bar (0.8 – 1.0 MPa)
Air consumption:
Max. 70 m³/h